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    Double-OH SPIT! The James Bond Ball

    SPIT turns 2! And we are celebrating in style, James Bond style, to be specific. Come join us at your sexiest east van queer mayhem Fr. December 2nd @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $12 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: facebook event


    Your sexiest East Van queer party is back on tracksuits and tight, sexy, sweaty workout gear. Fri. Oct 7th @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $10 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: fb event


    eastside queer late night party
    friday july 29 - open studios
    for more information, visit iron-rod.ca

    SPIT on BLOW PONY (Pride 2011)

    The Waldorf Hotel

    Pride Long Weekend
    Sunday July 31, 2011
    Doors at 8 PM

    Tickets $12 (Early Bird) / $16 (Advance) / $20 (Door)
    Available Monday July 11 at Little Sisters, The Waldorf Hotel and online at spitvsblowpony.eventbrite.com

    Facebook Event Page

    Transit Access: #14, #16 or #20 to Hastings/McLean
    (TransLink Trip Planner)*

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    A few blocks off of the Mosaic and Adanac bike routes.
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    Physical accessibility:
    Regrettably, the Waldorf Hotel is not wheelchair accessible.

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Posted by mkushnir on July 9, 2011

WOW! i swear SPIT keeps getting better and better! thank you all for a fantastic no pants party – and as far as i’m concerned y’all can ditch the pants all year round. you folks are SEXY!

a quick round of thanks to some extra special specials:

– SIENNA BLAZE, VIK SIN and WILDCAT for their moves on the stage
– our DJs sweethearts KASEY RIOT and JAY DOUGLAS
– the good folks at the ANZA CLUB for having us
– our community partners: VANPRINT, STEAMWORKS, PRIAPE and our pant-check heartthrobs from the HEALTH INITIATIVE FOR MEN (HIM)

– the fabulous SYDNEY GREGOIRE for taking her pants off and taking pictures of my hairy ass at the same time,

– and, as always, our magically talented BAR STAFF and VOLUNTEERS, ’cause without them, we’d be screwed harder than fox news’ twitter feed.

a few quick notes on what’s coming up:

– THE PRICE IS GAY – Mondays in July at the Keefer – Vancouver’s first queer game show! Hosted by PONYBOY and DJ ZAPSTRAPP (that’s me!), featuring fabulous prizes, cheap drinks and queers everywhere! info here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=133695070044286
– MIDNIGHT CITY VII – Friday 22 July at the WALDORF – ZEEAA and AJK put on their minimal disco party. i try to never miss these gigs – the music is simply perfect. info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=198204146898212
– PRIDE BALL – Thursday 28 July at the COBALT – start your pride weekend off right with BAMBIBOT and PEACH COBBLAH as they force y’alls to WORK what yo’ mama gave ya. info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188622151182732
– IRON ROD – Friday 29 July at OPEN STUDIOS – the mysterious and dark Cold War theme party rises from the ashes to SHOCK and AWE you this pride weekend. you can’t keep a good rod down. open late. info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=248740711809908
– SPIT VS BLOW PONY – Sunday 31 July at the WALDORF – our friends in portland come north to rock out for a pride-stravaganza – throwing two legendary parties together! info at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110787055680467
last word: if you’re uploading any photos from the party to the web, please consider the wishes of anyone in your pictures. remember, once it’s online, it’s permanent! and on that note, take a look at SYDNEY GREGOIRE’S pics over at THE FUTURISTS – here’s a sneak peak:

nice bum, where ya from?

anyway, that’s it. i’ve got a bike to ride. we’ll see you at PRIDE!


– michael

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tonight! on the stage!

Posted by mkushnir on June 30, 2011


Exploding into the drag scene and making her mark at Entertainer of the Year 2011, Sienna Blaze has been busy performing at various venues around the Lower Mainland. With experience under her belt on the international stage as a dancer and circus performer – Sienna brings the glamour, the creative edge, a wickedly rocked out style and choreography to her performances. Get ready boys and girls…its Sienna Blaze!


Vik Sin is one sexy psycho. The only child of gorelesque queen Bloody Betty, Vik takes after his doting mother in every way. Equal parts bad and beautiful, he can be your worst nightmare or the boy of your dreams.


WILDCAT is an East Van fashion icon that is no stranger to getting wild. He often draws his inspiration from big pussy and is one catty bitch on and off the stage. [ed. damn straight!]

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Posted by mkushnir on June 28, 2011

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Lights! Camera! SPIT!

Posted by qpeters on June 1, 2011

Hey beaus and belles!

Are you ready for a totally radical, tubular, gnarly time at SPIT – California Dreams? (Either I’m talking in Californian, or in Super Mario World Star World levels…I can’t tell) Sorry, we were hanging ten and chilling out at some groovy events like Prance, Queer Bash and Supernature and got lazy on our blog. Like, hella sorry!

I’ll get the details out right off the bat:

SPIT – California Dreams

Friday, June 3rd
@ The Awesome ANZA Club
3 W 8th Ave (Ontario @ 8th)

$12 (2-for-1 before 10:30)

[And hey, if you don’t wanna pay and want to help us out, send us an email at spit.vancouver@gmail.com and you can volunteer for an hour – free entry and a free drink!]

No dresscode, but California slutwear is highly encouraged! And free entry for those with a California ID!

This time around the lovely Jef Leppard is on stay-cation so we’ve got new resident hottie DJ Jay Douglas on the decks and returning for a second go at the music-making, DJ J-Mac!

To get us into the California vibe, I thought I’d share a few California-themed songs to prepare ourselves.

Okay, so I said “a few songs”…but I stopped after this one when I realized just HOW many songs there are about California. Holy crap, check out the Wikipedia article! You get the point. Pick your fave to get in the mood.

Isolde bares it all for the vassals in her court!

I think I’m most excited for (aside from wearing tank tops all night) the wonderful stage talent this time.  Firstly, we introduce to the SPIT stage (it’s about time, eh?) the Queen of East Van herself, Isolde N. Barron! Isolde’s agent, bodyguard and pool-boys all agreed on the following about her:

The Queen of East Van, Isolde N. Barron, is a multifaceted theatre artist. She co-created and performed in 20 Minute Drag School for the Firehall Art Centre’s BC Buds. She has been nominated as Drag Queen of the Year for Xtra! West’s Hero Awards for her fundraising endeavours at High School Confidential, For the Girls and Queer Bash. Isolde is Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year for 2010 and Duchess of Vancouver, BC and all of British Columbia, except Surrey, in the Imperial House of Toe for the Dogwood Monarchist Society. She hosts her own weekly show, Apocalypstick every Sunday night at the Cobalt – 917 Main Street. In boy form, as Cameron Mackenzie, she is the founder and artistic director of Zee Zee Theatre. Upcoming both Isolde’s and Cameron’s worlds collide when they assistant direct the Broadway hit musical La Cage aux Folles at the Vancouver Playhouse.

We’re excited to have Ms. Barron at SPIT for the first time and we know she won’t disappoint. Seriously, she won’t! We’re also introducing to SPIT a queen that rode the reverse Chinook winds and landed her in Vancouver in a splash of fabulous glory: Jerrica Jem Benton! You may have seen her at Supernature this month, but if you didn’t you’re in for a treat. Her biography was unavailable at the time of press (lost by Air Canada perhaps?) but I can tell you that in our circle we’re calling her the “Pride of the Prairies” And heck, she told me she’s originally from Manitoba. Maybe our parents drank in the same bar once or something.

This is what you missed at Supernature, bitches! Jerrica doing East Van meets glam realness

Phew. My typing fingers are getting tired. But before I end, let me completely digress and say that I am still sore about the outcome of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Raja, you suck. Yara Sofia, you were robbed. That is all.

Is THIS what you want as the next drag superstar?

Now HERE is a winner! Yara Sofia!

See you all on Friday for SPIT! Be ready to strut your BEACH BODs for prizes from our sponsors Steamworks and Priape. Surf’s up!

xoxo Q

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Posted by mkushnir on May 10, 2011


a huge THANK YOU once again for coming out to the SEIS DE MAYO party! we couldn’t have done it without you!

extra special thanks go to…

– the good folks at the ANZA CLUB for having us
– our community partners: VANPRINT, STEAMWORKS, PRIAPE and our coat-check cuties the HEALTH INITIATIVE FOR MEN (HIM)
– and, as always, our magically talented BAR STAFF and VOLUNTEERS, ’cause without them, we’d be screwed like plywood.

the next SPIT is FRI JUNE 3 at the ANZA – the theme is CALIFORNIA DREAMS – so celebrate summer in Golden State style where the fun never stops and where nobody ever grows old!

in the meantime, there’s LOADS of fun shit happening around the city…

– FRI MAY 13 at the WALDORF – MIDNIGHT CITY w/ COSMIC KIDS – this stripped-down dance party is full of one of the nicest crowds that this city puts together. every musical selection is selected with utmost care by ZEEAA and company. not to be missed!

– SAT MAY 14 at PUB 340 – BIG PRIMPIN’ – this brand-new T.O. born and bred queer hip hop party takes over this gritty city with a vengeance! friends KYLE, ELDON, GRADY and ANDREW put on this sick jam in a big way! i have been looking forward to this one for a while!

– SAT MAY 14 at the COBALT – POW: TRASH EDITION – friend BRANDON puts it best: make your ass booty quake to HOUSE, DIVAS, BOUNCE, THAWPING, BUMPING with drag queens and gogo dancers. throw yo’ hands up like one gay mothafucka’ – WHOMP!

– SAT MAY 21 at the ANZA – SPIT presents SUPERNATURE – it all goes QUEER DISCO on you with MISS JOVAINKA and JAY DOUGLAS making sure you work that ass! disco, house, soul and funk, high energy and sweat it ’til you drop! plus, we promise a BUBBLE MACHINE, CHEAP DRINKS and SEXY FOXES EVERYWHERE. FOR REALZ!

– SAT MAY 21 at OPEN STUDIOS – SUBVERSIVE presents MAETRIK – this other-worldly music producer from spain is spinning a late night jam – the perfect afterparty for SUPERNATURE! the rhythm sinks into your brain all night long with those deep, dark sounds. featuring TJ HOOKER and friends, i will be there for sure!

– FRI MAY 27 – LOVE DANCING 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY – friends JORDAN and CHRIS put on a very cool underground party in a brand new location (i’ve seen it, but i can’t say anything about it yet!). like the name suggests, this party has a strict douchebags verboten policy, so bring your dancing shoes and let loose!

– SAT MAY 28 at the COBALT – QUEER BASH: WEDDING BELLS vs. DON’T ASK DON’T TELL: our cousins BRANDON and DAVE put on this delicious themed gay riot that’s got so much satire in it even the SCOTUS would find it redonk. also, i hear there’s a new rule for queer bash: GET THERE EARLY – that line was CRAAAAZY last time!

anyway, that’s about all for now. i’ve gotta get some coffee in me and face that big bad world!


mike and quinn.

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la fiesta vuelve el SEIS DE MAYO! (and GO AND VOTE!)

Posted by mkushnir on May 2, 2011

hermanos! hermanas! amigos!

remember, if we find out that you didn't vote, we will nag you until the next election. and nobody wants that. so for all of our sakes, just vote!

first thing’s first: remember, TODAY (MAY 2) IS THE FEDERAL ELECTION – make sure to get your ass to the ballot box! any questions (i.e. where to vote, what do i need to vote)? elections canada has all the info you could ever want (and then some). so check it out!


  1. democracy is like having a smoking hot body – if you don’t exercise it, you’re gonna lose it.
  2. if you don’t vote, you can’t really complain when the government does something you don’t like.
  3. a federal election costs $300 million dollars – we’d better make the most of that money!
  4. there are a lot of people out there in the world that are DYING – literally – to vote.
  5. jake shears will make out with you. (well, ok, not necessarily, but i’ll bet anything that it will improve your odds if you asked him!)
  6. your vote matters! don’t believe me? in the 2008 election, the race in vancouver-south was decided by only 20 votes! plus, it is worth almost $1.90 to the party that you vote for.
  7. you might meet the love of your life at the polling station.
  8. by law, you are entitled to three consecutive hours to vote – so why not leave work a bit early today?
  9. everyone is doing it (no, really! they are!) – you don’t want to be left out, right?
  10. rick mercer commands you.

ok, now that that’s over with, the time has come to let loose and celebrate springtime, whether ma’ nature is ready for it or not! (i dunno about you but i’m ready for a heatwave any time soon now.)

so here we go again – the chaos descends once more in pleasant mount pleasant – be prepared!


Friday May 6 – Doors at 9 PM

at the ANZA Club (3 West 8th Avenue @ Ontario)

$12 (2-for-1 before 10:30 PM!)

with prizes from PRIAPE, STEAMWORKS and STR8CAM.COM!

coat check by the HEALTH INITIATIVE FOR MEN!

no dress code, but sexy latin-inspired get-ups and slutwear of all kinds are highly encouraged!

we’ve got a shit ton of fun in store for you – i promise a pinata filled with naughty things…

with DJ cuties JEF LEPPARD and JAY DOUGLAS (look at ’em! i just wanna eat them up!)

jay's gonna punch you if you don't dance.

jeff's just re-adjusting his head here; he wasn't dancing.

joining us on the stage is M@RTE MUSIC and CELESTIAL SEASONS! take a peek before for una prevista!

celestial seasons

m@rte music

ok, that’s it – more details to come soon!

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April Fools! SPIT is tonight! No joke!

Posted by qpeters on April 1, 2011

Hey kiddos,

SPIT is tonight…I thought maybe you’d want to know about all of the lovely performances going on tonight. On the decks we have the sexiest DJ duo on this side of the water, Jef Leppard and Jay Douglas! The music is going to be bumpin’!

First up we have the adorable JJ Finey:

JJ grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and began singing for audiences at the age of three. He continued to perform throughout his early childhood in musicals, plays and dance ensembles.He began writing his own music and lyrics at the age of 15. He possesses dozens of original compositions that he plans to record in the future. Right now he is happy and excited to show urbanites of Vancouver what he’s made of. This young artist vocals are uniquely stylistic and presented powerfully on stage.

Ain't he cute!

Ain't he cute!










Next up we have the dynamic duo of Kiki Mirage & Myas Tucci. I’m pretty sure there is going to be some vogueing galore going on.

Myas says of herself:

Rising from the foam by the Napoli shore, Myas Tucci was Queen of Pop in Naples. Was, until the mafia infiltrated the music scene of her hometown, that is. Unable to secure gigs in Mob Central, Myas fled to Buenos Aires to rediscover her mojo. Sadly, from a goddess from the sea, Myas had been nothing but a washed up pop star. One day, she saw a splitting image of herself all glitzed up on Mamma Speziata; it was just that – a Mirage. Myas is fiercely determined to show this Kiki Mirage bitch on TV how it’s done and get all the lights and camera back on herself. Myas flies to Vancouver to meet the Keek…

Mya did not provide a picture for us...but I found one of her daddy on the Interweb














Finally, the talented and crunkin’ (is that even a word? did I say that right?) Kiki Mirage:

Kiki Mirage was born in the South Bronx to a Nuyorican familia and rose to the top soon after meeting Christina Leguilera, her soul sister.  Her beginnings included mixtapes and reggaeton collabo’s, and she has become one of the most recognizable East Coast faces on the West Coast.  Her influences include Remy Ma, Ivy Queen, Trina, and of course Nicki Minaj.  Expect to see more of this Queen of Rap Drag this summer, you heard?

She gonna cut you!










See you all tonight…You know the drill:


ANZA CLUB – 3 W. 8th Ave

Doors – 9PM

$12 – 2-for-1 before 10:30

19+ – Bring yer ID

No dresscode, but slutwear is highly encouraged.

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with pleasure, MADAME MAE I!

Posted by mkushnir on March 3, 2011

so, one thursday night in december (on his birthday, nonetheless), mike and his friends found themselves down at the cobalt motor hotel for a night of punk burlesque and cheap liquor. (here’s the proof.)

little did they know that they would run into a firey, red-headed sexpot outside who wanted more than a light – she wanted a gig. on our stage. and we were more than glad to oblige…

Madame Mae I is one of Vancouver’s finest; a tiny little package with explosive energy, smoldering good looks, and a heart of gold; a fiery red-head with a fearless personality and “unbridled sexuality” (Penny Starr Jr, Burlesque Performer and Striptease Symposium founder).

Mae combines her professional dance background, creative madness, and playful personality with a powerful on-stage presence to wow audiences far and wide. Her acts range from classic striptease seduction to wonderfully quirky randomness to political performance art and everything in between.

Some of Madame Mae I’s career highlights to-date include her recent crowning as “Princess” and “Most Classic” in North Carolina’s Great Southern Exposure Burlesque Pageant, and performing in Las Vegas’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2010, The Windy City Burlesque Festival 2010, and Vancouver’s International Burlesque Festival 2007, 2009, & 2010. She has also served on the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Association Board of Directors for the last two years. Some very exciting performances are in Madame Mae I’s near future, including  Atlanta’s Southern Fried Burlesque Festival Pageant in mid-March, and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival this May.

When Madame Mae I isn’t producing Burly-Q Benefit shows – events that raise money for various causes and organizations – she’s heating up the stages of Vancouver and beyond with a cheeky yet seductive style that is uniquely her own.

(that story of meeting her outside the cobalt? totally true. just ask her when you see her!)
and by the way, did i mention that this chick is SUPER FREAKING HOT?!?!

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featuring PETER BREEZE!

Posted by mkushnir on March 2, 2011

hey kids,

we’re very happy to have PETER BREEZE return to SPIT as part of his Downtown Taxi tour!

Peter Breeze is club kid royalty in Vancouver’s gay nightlife, and has played virtually every nightclub in Vancouver. Peter cranked out a single, “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink),” with local producer Maxwell Maxwell, which caught the ears of DJs from San Francisco to Montreal, has been remixed by artists from Berlin to Australia. Shortly after the release of FuckTalk Peter came out with Send In The Robots: a new, full-length album. With appearances planned in clubs across North America, partygoers everywhere will soon be able to get a taste of the wunderboy.

check him out at his other dates:

  • Saturday March 5 at Goldies
  • Thursday March 17 at Celebrities
  • Friday March 18 at Junction
  • Friday March 25 at the Oasis

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new poster!

Posted by mkushnir on February 23, 2011

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