come out, rock out, shake out, make out.

  • upcoming events

    Double-OH SPIT! The James Bond Ball

    SPIT turns 2! And we are celebrating in style, James Bond style, to be specific. Come join us at your sexiest east van queer mayhem Fr. December 2nd @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $12 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: facebook event


    Your sexiest East Van queer party is back on tracksuits and tight, sexy, sweaty workout gear. Fri. Oct 7th @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $10 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: fb event


    eastside queer late night party
    friday july 29 - open studios
    for more information, visit iron-rod.ca

    SPIT on BLOW PONY (Pride 2011)

    The Waldorf Hotel

    Pride Long Weekend
    Sunday July 31, 2011
    Doors at 8 PM

    Tickets $12 (Early Bird) / $16 (Advance) / $20 (Door)
    Available Monday July 11 at Little Sisters, The Waldorf Hotel and online at spitvsblowpony.eventbrite.com

    Facebook Event Page

    Transit Access: #14, #16 or #20 to Hastings/McLean
    (TransLink Trip Planner)*

    Bicycle Access:
    A few blocks off of the Mosaic and Adanac bike routes.
    (<A HREF="http://vancouver.ca/engsvcs/transport/cycling/bikeways/documents/2011BikeMap.pdf)*

    * all links to external sites on this blog are provided for convenience; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any third-party information.

    Physical accessibility:
    Regrettably, the Waldorf Hotel is not wheelchair accessible.

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  • hot girls.

    girls. leather. spanked. tape. SPIT.

About the Organizers

(left: mike  //  right: quinn)


Quinn and Mike met in 2001 on a rainy fall evening over a pitcher of beer with a bunch of other queers at a college pub. Incidentally, this was technically illegal, as Mike was then-underage. Thankfully, Quinn would buy the liquor that evening, sowing the seeds of a relationship that would largely revolve around getting into Very Big Trouble (i.e. the time that Mike started dating Quinn’s ex-boyfriend. It lasted three weeks and would only happen once).

Years later, Quinn and Mike would find themselves to be neighbours on Vancouver’s ghetto-fabulous Eastside. One afternoon, a hung-over discussion around a cup of coffee and a cigarette revealed to the two boys that getting drunk at the local downtown bar just wasn’t the same as it used to be, especially on a Friday night. What were they to do?

Then, a monthly party with hot queers and cold beers showed up (more-or-less literally) around the corner. And for a time, things were good. The Very Big Trouble that they had missed had come back to find them. But Mike went off to live abroad for a year, and by the time he had returned, that party was no more.

Although this was a bad thing, Pride 2009 came around, and both Quinn and Mike were marvelling at the numbers of hot queers everywhere. And then they asked themselves where the hell all these tasty homos hang out the other 51 weekends of the year…and how to get them all together in one place at one time.

So, after much deliberation, they planned a party. And called it SPIT. And made a promotional blog. And got you to read it.

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