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A perfect combination of leather and lace

Posted by qpeters on January 28, 2011

Hello my friends!

As you all should know SPIT – The Leather and Lace Party is coming up NEXT Friday, the 4th of February. Think of it as bit of a naughty prelude to Valentine’s Day…something sexy and saucy before all of those cutesy hearts and stuffed animals start appearing everywhere. There’s no dress code in effect, but I’d suggest donning some leather, lace, slut-wear or a combination of all three!  In fact, this is what happened when I Google image searched SLUTTY LEATHER LACE:

Lacy Slutty LeatherySomebody needs a spanking!

If there had been more of this at the Taboo Sex Show a couple of weeks maybe I would have been impressed…And speaking of spankings, where are those pics of me getting spanked at the show on the convertible coffee table/spanking bench? Anway, I digress (someone should punish me for it…)

Much as our lovely lady in leather and lace is perfect combination of both, our performers are going to give you a perfect dose of both.

Hitting the SPIT stage for the first time we are pleased to introduce to you MINX ARCANA and MANET LABOMBE!

If you were at the NYE Ball at the Cobalt this year you were probably amazed by Minx Arcana’s sultry Apocalypse themed burlesque number which climaxed in a a cloud of glittery death! Amazing! Minx says of herself:

Minx Arcana prepares for the kill - Photo cred: Tina Kulic / http://www.tkphoto.ca

Whether tantalizing audiences with her signature dark burlesque or slipping through abandoned sanatoriums, Minx Arcana is a shadowy vixen who finds inspiration in the arcane. A born dancer, Minx has flirted with classical & modern dance, butoh, contact improvisation and aerial silks. She sees burlesque as a perfect synthesis of her love of dance, her education in gender studies, and her passion for sexual diversity & empowerment. Following her debut at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City last year, Minx has been performing in Vancouver, BC – including a headlining act at The Cobalt’s 2011 NYE Ball.

You’re definitely in for a treat. Minx told me that she was ready to goth it up in leather on the stage…and that she’s gone wild at Dressew. Only good things come of such endeavours.

Minx Arcana unmaksed - You may not live to tell what you've seen... - Photo cred: Robert Fougere / http://www.robarazzi.biz

Our second performer will lace-up in her Friday finest and draw you in with her French charm. When Manet LaBombe made a special guest appearance in the Apocalypstic – East Van’s Weekly Drag Show’s Apocalypsync For Your Life segment a few weeks ago she–without practice or prompting–not only lip-synced the song, but provided bang-on choreography and charisma! Imagine what she does when she’s rehearsed!

Manet was reached at a small café somewhere in Paris and had this to say:

Immaculately born of a French lesbian couple, The Toast of Toulouse Manet Labombe is a capital-L Lady with a taste for crème fraiche and all things lace. On stage she’ll seduce you with coy elegance and sidelong glances; off-stage, she’ll skip the elegance and go straight in for the kill/kiss.

So come out on Friday for a taste of some of Vancouver’s finest performance, music, dancing and sexy people!

A reminder:

SPIT  – Fri, Feb 4
@ The ANZA Club – 3 W. 8th Ave (Ontario and 8th)

Doors at 9 PM – $10 cover – 2-4-1 cover before 10:30 PM

19+ (Please bring your ID!)

See you all there!



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