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    Double-OH SPIT! The James Bond Ball

    SPIT turns 2! And we are celebrating in style, James Bond style, to be specific. Come join us at your sexiest east van queer mayhem Fr. December 2nd @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $12 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: facebook event


    Your sexiest East Van queer party is back on tracksuits and tight, sexy, sweaty workout gear. Fri. Oct 7th @ the ANZA (3 West 8th Ave.) $10 (2x1 before 10:30) More info: fb event


    eastside queer late night party
    friday july 29 - open studios
    for more information, visit iron-rod.ca

    SPIT on BLOW PONY (Pride 2011)

    The Waldorf Hotel

    Pride Long Weekend
    Sunday July 31, 2011
    Doors at 8 PM

    Tickets $12 (Early Bird) / $16 (Advance) / $20 (Door)
    Available Monday July 11 at Little Sisters, The Waldorf Hotel and online at spitvsblowpony.eventbrite.com

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    Transit Access: #14, #16 or #20 to Hastings/McLean
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    A few blocks off of the Mosaic and Adanac bike routes.
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OMG – last minute news!

Posted by mkushnir on May 6, 2010

so, yeah. we’re like your flight attendants on SPIT airlines, and we wanted to point out the important safety features of this aircraft.

basically, we wanted to remind you all that the party’s in a different venue this time: check us out at 728 kingsway (at fraser street). it’s a 5 min walk from the biltmore, 10 min from the ANZA. but in order to tempt you to this new lair, we’ve come up with a brilliant idea. it’s called:


it’s very simple: get to the party before 10:30 PM in a group of 2 or more and everyone in your party GETS A FREE DRINK! it’s a no-brainer, really. so get there early and drink us out of house and home.

as well, we’ve got some new talent! that’s right. you may have heard through the grapevine…we have two new amazing kick-ass folks joining us on our team! i am so happy to have these two cuties on board with us!

first, on the decks:

just look at this sweetheart!

AndrewAndrewAndrew is a former cam model and was a go-go dancer at the cock and john street in NYC. he has been DJing for almost 10 years and is one of the original pioneers of vancouver’s current indie dance music scene. check him out online at www.andrewandrewandrew.com and www.andrew-volk.com.

and next, on the stage, we have miss SHIVAUGHNNA DOOYU!

i had to google stalk her for this pic. so if it isn't she, apologies.

shivaughnna, part of the wickedly funny (and erotic) stilettos and strap-ons burlesque dance troupe, will be doing naughty things with football equipment and a blow-up doll. what it will be, i can’t say. it’s top secret – so much so that i don’t even know, and i run the show! but whatever it is, i’m looking forward to it like fruitcake looks forward to christmas.

and, of course, our well-known and crazy-loved friends, VERA WAY and LITTLE MISS MCNAUGHTY:

can you make my hair a bit bigger?

why, yes, it WILL be me tomorrow night!

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